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Late Namdev Narayan Shinde Charitable Trust is Established by Mrs. Supriya Shekhar Shinde in 2019, She have granted by 2 National and 2 State Awards. Their family person who wants to have his own artwork in Panchdhatu will be kept stored. They have  23 acre land in Sindhudurg out of which 7 acre is donated for the Museum. In that museum there will be sculptures and Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj's 5 acre palace will be there.  According to their death certificate museum's dimensions which are small are going to be changing as decided by Governance offering.

Near Mauje Andagao there is land of 3 acre out of which 1 acre will be for old age home. Every old age person's motto is  "I came here to preserve my art and passion". Encourage them in this work. Nature centers will be set up in the space above.

Late Namdev Narayan Shinde Chartitable Trust

Client Name
: Supriya Shinde
: Web Dev
Start Date
: 1st Dec, 2019
End Date
: 12th Dec, 2019
: Completed